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Andrew J Wright

User Experience Designer


Andrew has been practicing usability since the first time he tried to hammer a square peg into a round hole. Somewhere between then and now, he decided to focus on improving the experiences people have when interacting with computers.

First, he tried to see it from the computers point of view. Andrew studied Computer Science at the University of Western Ontario and gained an awful lot of perspective on what a computer can and can't do. Just knowing the capabilities of a computer couldn't solve the problem, though, so he tried to see it from the human side.

Digging into the theory and practice of making Art—and receiving an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts along the way—brought a greater appreciation for the way people understand the world and make sense of it. But that alone didn't present a solution, either.

That's when he realized that the problem of people interacting with computers is complex and continuously evolving.

Andrew routinely ventures out into the world armed with the tools of usability testing, information architecture, interaction design, and whatever else he has hidden up his sleeve to find the best solution for any given interaction problem. He has used this toolset to improve the interactive experiences for the likes of ATB, Oil Country Engineering, Alberta Education and BMO Bank of Montreal.

Andrew lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and works at the .

Sometimes he even writes longer posts on his blog: blendedConcepts.


@andrewjwright on Twitter